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Bumbo Floor Seat

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Ergonomically designed for support and stability, this very popular and versatile seat promotes proper posture and encourages independent play. Parents for years have trusted the Bumbo Floor Seat as a safe and comfortable seating option. It provides contoured support to help your baby sit upright – the deep seating surface and elevated leg openings of the floor seat gently recline your baby toward the centre of the rounded backrest, easing your baby into an upright position. The seat is soft, comfortable and easy to clean and made from a luxurious, high-quality foam, similar to that used in modern-day car seats. It comes with a durable 3-point safety harness to prevent babies from falling out while allowing them to be their wriggly selves! Many other baby seats have come onto the market since the introduction of the original Bumbo floor seat but very few have ever proven to be as effective in keeping babies comfortable and secure.

  • Ultimate support seat
  • Available in various colours
  • Includes a durable 3-point safety harness
  • Made from a luxurious, high quality foam
  • Easy to clean – damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Suitable from 3 – 12 months