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Taf Toys

Taf toys Clip on Pram Book

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  • The double sided feature means that this grows with baby, with one side aimed at birth to three months, whilst the colourful reverse is designed for babies three months and over
  • The six panels on side one offer high contrast colours and patterns for newborn eyes along with happy smiling character faces and a baby safe mirror to entice little ones
  • The colourful reverse side offers engaging peek a boo features as Kimmy Koala looks for her baby Joey, and comes complete with a koala shaped teether
  • Can be used on the floor to encourage baby to join in tummy time practise
  • Comes with two large, sturdy clips to allow the soft fabric book to be clipped onto a pram/carry cot for baby to enjoy whilst out and about

This perfectly portable toy is designed with the many developmental stages of baby in mind. From birth, the high contrast side can be clipped onto the pram to keep little ones company whilst on the go. Designed purposely for newborn eyes, the happy smiling character faces will bring happiness to little ones, whilst the black and white patterns aid their focus and the baby safe mirror helps them understand their own reflection and place in the world.

As baby's eyes develop, the Koala Clip On Pram Book can be flipped over to reveal a strip of colourful character images providing them with friendly companions and peek a boo features to encourage motor skill development. This side also includes a koala themed teether that fits nicely in the koala pouch pocket to encourgae fine motor skill provision and also to soothe sore gums.

The versatile clips mean that this can be easily secured to the pram, and the book can also be used as a standalone product to encourage tummy time and to introduce little ones to the world of books from a young age. Lightweight and soft, this is a toy that baby can interract with themselves and the engaging characters will help to develop their emotional intelligence and understanding.