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Zipster Avocado

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Zipsters are a must have, providing comfort for your baby, and simplicity for you. 

For the details:

• Zipsters are made from super soft and stretchy 95% bamboo and 5% elastane. It's gentle on your baby's skin and perfect all year round due its qualities. See why we love bamboo here.

 Two way zip, perfectly concealed for safety and with a zip head engineered for parents with tiny or gigantic hands. 

• Fold-over hands up to 12M to avoid scratches during the night, and fold over footies on all sizes.

Due to the delicate nature of bamboo, Zipsters are designed to be washed in cold water and tumble dried on low.

Please note that Bamboo is a natural fiber and is delicate; so should be washed separately from items that may be damaging, like towels, hardware or Velcro.

For the longest wear, you can wash them inside out and line dry when possible.

Zipsters are  made of 95% bamboo and 5% elastane (to provide some stretch).

Bamboo has got so many qualities that lend itself to the perfect choice: 
It's thermoregulatory, meaning it can keep your baby warm or cool.
It's hypoallergenic, so perfect for babies with sensitive skin.
It's sustainable, meaning we're not damaging the planet more than we need to.

Zipsters are made with 5% elastane, so they have a lovely stretch to them and therefore last longer than other baby grows.

We recommend sticking true to size, but if in doubt between sizing, go down. For example, if your baby is 5 months old, we recommend 3-6 months rather than 6-12 months. In most cases, the baby grow will fit until 2-3 months after the top age range.